3 Mojitos: Mute the Crap Sandwiches by VOTING

November 5, 2019

Welcome to Election Day 2019! Lots of state and local races being decided today, so if you’re in Virginia, New Jersey, Kentucky, Louisiana or any of the many other localities heading to the polls today …


Don’t know where you’re polling place is? No worries, President Trump’s got you covered.

On with our Election Day mojitos!

Mojito #1: 7 things to watch on Election Day 2019

From Politico:

President Donald Trump isn’t on the ballot in Tuesday’s off-year elections, but the president and impeachment are at the center of the campaigns.

Presidents are always an off-ballot issue in off-year and midterm election years, and 2019 is no different. Do voters have impeachment fatigue to such an extent that today’s votes will be in favor of the president? Good question.

In Kentucky, Republican Gov. Matt Bevin — who trailed in his bid for a second term earlier in the year — has closed the gap thanks to a nationalized campaign focused on his relationship with Trump and issues like abortion and gun rights.

The president is also a defining issue in Virginia, where he is significantly less popular and Republicans are clinging to tiny majorities in both chambers of the state legislature. Democratic victories on Tuesday would give the party control of all the levers of government in Richmond to rewrite policy and, crucially, redraw the state’s political maps for the next decade after the census.

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Mojito #2: 5 ways opponents are going after Warren’s 'Medicare for All' plan

My apologies for two Politico stories in one day:

Elizabeth Warren’s highly detailed plan to raise the roughly $20 trillion needed to pay for "Medicare for All" opened her up to attack from all sides. While the plan won praise from progressives for going hard on the rich, drug companies and Wall Street, it generated questions about taxation, fairness and practicality that Warren is certain to face in the next Democratic debate.

Let’s face it, the goal of Warren’s plan is to tax the wealthy into oblivion and do away with private insurance, all in the name of helping the middle class. We’ve been down this road before with Obamacare, which has been a disaster on many levels/

A little personal story: I lost my private health insurance last month when I was let go from my job; I held the insurance for my entire family, so that was six of us without it. The Obamacare market offered no solutions — who wants to pay Cadillac premiums for Ford Pinto services? Plus, when you’re looking for a new job, who the heck can afford those insane prices? We opted for a faith-based health sharing ministry, which has been an absolute blessing.

So, something needs to be done to make health insurance affordable, portable and robust, but Elizabeth Warren’s plan doesn’t do that. Plus, girlfriend has almost definitely pulled the $20.5 TRILLION price tag out of her behind, so, like Obamacare, the devastating effects wouldn’t be fully realized for many years. Sounds like another crap sandwich from the left.

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Mojito #3: Netflix introduces 'skip politics' button for anybody who doesn't want to hear jokes about President Trump in Seth Meyers’ new stand-up comedy

From The Daily Mail:

Netflix will allow users to skip past political jokes while watching a show by pressing a 'skip politics' button.

For some the idea of hearing another joke at U.S. President Donald Trump's expense is too much to sit through.

Now thanks to Seth Meyers, and his new stand-up special Lobby Baby, watchers won't have to endure gaffs about politics if they find them tiresome.

“Tiresome” is an understatement. Would somebody please make this mute option available ALL THE TIME? The jokes are very rarely funny, and there’s such a glut of these Trump-hating “comedians” that not a single one of them stand out with their stand up.

Jokes containing any political content can now be zoomed past with the click of a button thanks to Netflix's new interactive viewing option.

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