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Hello, friends of Smart Girl Politics! I hope each of you is having a wonderful Christmas season and, like me, are looking forward to new and better things in 2021.

Speaking of 2021, I have a fun new project in the works that I wanted to share with you. This year hasn’t exactly been full of highs for most of us, but the 2020 election did yield one exciting thing: a red wave of conservative women heading to Congress in January. There are 19 of them and they are the perfect antidote to media darling AOC and her so-called “Squad.”

(Image: Tom Williams / CQ-Roll Call via AP)

What do I love best about the new class of GOP ladies, you ask? I love that they love America. There’s been far too little of that coming from DC lately and I’m hoping they’ll lead the way in returning pride of country to the halls of Congress.

So, about that project. I am launching a new weekly newsletter called “Fierce.” Fierce will be emailed to you every Friday at noon ET and will track the latest from the ladies of what I like to call The Fierce Force. We’ll also have some fun with the antics of the “Squad.”

If you’d like to receive the newsletter, you don’t have to do anything at all. If you’d prefer to opt out, please just unsubscribe from this email. It’s as simple as that!

Monday thru Thursday, I’ll be doing occasional blogging over at the newsletter’s home:

These posts will not be emailed out, but feel free to swing by. I’m really hoping we can build a community of activists around this newsletter, using The Fierce Force as inspiration for action. Please stop by often and, as always, let me know what I can do to make it more interesting and useful for you. Let’s see where this new adventure brings us!

Happy New Year!!

Teri Christoph (Co-founder, Smart Girl Politics | Editor, Fierce.)

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