Who We Are

Smart Girl Politics (SGP) was founded in 2008 to provide a voice for conservative women. You remember 2008 — that’s the year Sarah Palin burst onto the scene and became the punching bag of the media. They even went through her trash! What was that all about?

A few grassroots women decided they had had enough of the nonsense — and built SGP to be an online community where conservative women (and men!) could find a patch of space on the internet where they belonged. Where their conservative and unabashedly patriotic beliefs weren’t just tolerated, they were celebrated and shared.

A bit of history: SGP was very instrumental in founding the Tea Party movement. Thanks to the hard work of our supporters, we held registration drives, activist and candidate trainings, social events and even a yearly conference (Smart Girl Summit). They were crazy years, but — wow! — did our members turn SGP into an amazing network of passionate, dedicated and wickedly fun activists.

Where We’re At

We’re now in the Age of Trump. Tea party members have moved on to their passion projects and a new wave of conservative activists is helping to grow our movement. Our passion at SGP is still, and always will be, to help the grassroots connect with one another and to make sure conservatives, especially conservative women, don’t feel alone or isolated. As they say, there’s strength in numbers!

SGP has gradually evolved to be more of a digital entity, a creator of content and sharer of information — we feel that’s the right way for us to best serve our wonderful community. We’re now an active Facebook page, a podcast and a newsletter (with a new home here at Substack!).

Here’s the Deal

We asked our current newsletter subscribers what they wanted out of the revamped SGP newsletter and there were a few key themes: politics, culture and activism. Ask and ye shall receive! There will be two offerings: daily updates available here at Substack, plus a weekly newsletter delivered every Friday. News and information curated especially for the Smart Girl community!

Hitting any of these sign up buttons will only get you the weekly newsletter. To get the daily updates, just hit us up here at Substack.

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Teri Christoph is co-founder of Smart Girl Politics and a wife, mom, blogger, podcaster and fundraiser/marketer. Feel free to reach out to Teri at any time at teri (at) smartgirlpolitics (dot) org.